Tea Blending Workshop: The Holiday Support Edition

November 1, 2022

Anticipating the holidays?

Create 2 customized teas to support you through the symptoms you battle with over the holidays. 

We will discuss our top herbs to support stress, anxiety, sleep, bloating, heartburn, immune health, indigestion, bowel regularity, skin health and more!

This workshop would be a great opportunity to make thoughtful gifts for your friends, colleagues, and loved ones for the holidays ahead – even for secret santa gifts!

What to expect

  • Learn about botanicals that help in supporting your health through the holidays and into 2023 with a focus on improving sleep, stress, digestion and the immune system
  • Choose the herbs that would best support your health based on what you learned and blend them into customized tea formulations
  • 2 bags are included in this workshop – each bag provides an average of 25-30 cups of tea
  • Have fun getting creative in customizing a funky label


  • Bring a friend who you would love to catch up with somewhere other than at the bar
  • Come solo, we love to make new friends!
  • Anyone looking for ways to support their health through the holiday season
  • Parents and their kids (8+) – this is a great way for kids to make their homemade gifts from the heart
  • Perfect holiday party for health conscious small businesses
  • Corporate workshops available upon request


Tuesday December 6, 2022 

2 hour workshop hosted from 6-8pm


Longév Clinic –  493 King Street East Toronto


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