Imagine Your Body as a City: The Lymphatic System, Your Personal Cleanup Crew

Okay, let’s break this down! Your body is like a bustling city, with different systems working together to keep everything running smoothly. Now, meet your lymphatic system – it’s your personal cleanup crew, and boy, is it important for your health! The Lymphatic System: A Network of Streets and Drains Think of your lymphatic system […]

Supporting Fertility with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized form of massage that primarily focuses on stimulating the lymphatic system to remove excess fluid and toxins from the body.

Chiropractic Techniques for Hiatal Hernias: A Comprehensive Approach

Hiatal hernias can cause discomfort and various digestive symptoms, making it crucial to explore holistic treatment options.

Skin Foundation Program

If you’re overwhelmed with all the skin care information out there and feel stuck with your current skin care journey then this program is for you. Individualized assessment and testing will provide insight to what is at the root of your concern – whether it be acne, eczema, psoriasis, or aging. You will be provided […]

Smoke Inhalation, its effects and treatments

Smoke from the Quebec wildfires continues to travel across the province. With an air quality advisory currently in effect due to the pollution, residents are encouraged to stay indoors and wear a mask if travelling outside. With the added smoke in the air, brings health concerns. Long term repeated exposure to smoke may accelerate respiratory […]

Nutrients you want to prioritize getting into your diet for healthy skin!

Eating a well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients can be beneficial for overall skin health.