Holiday Health Foundation Program

December 1, 2022

We have something we are so excited to share with you! We have on boarded an incredible holistic nutritionist at Longév, her name is Cassandra, who integrates much more than recipes and grocery lists into her approaches. 

Putting our minds together as an integrative team, our nerdy clinical juices started flowing and the Longév Health Foundation Program was born! 

We have decided to launch it for the month of December for those who want some sound health support to get through the holidays with as much ease and resiliency as possible.

Let us introduce you to this deeply supportive program we’ve created for you!

The 4 Week Longév Holiday Health Foundation Program

We have developed this Holiday Focused Program for you to not only make it through the festivities in one piece but to also lay your health foundation to thrive in 2023!

This program is perfect for you if you’re the kind of person who wants an integrative and strategic approach to your holistic wellness, someone who doesn’t want their health to suffer through the holidays and someone who wants to launch into 2023 feeling vibrant!

We have the appointments recommended in a specific structure in order to build healthy habits – consistency is important. This is the same reason why we cannot expect to build muscle after only one gym training session. It is important to us that we set you up for success in achieving your health goals. 

Healthy Holiday Foundations Program Quick overview:

  1. Naturopathic initial assessment
  2. Limbic System (emotional health) Hygiene
  3. Nutritional Strategies + Guidance
  4. Fascial Stretch Experience
  5. Nutritional Check In + Recap

Health benefits you may experience:

  • Improved resilience + energy
  • Less anxiety, more presence + joy
  • Healthy liver + gut detoxification support
  • Amongst a few others!

Holistic Nutrition Healthy Holiday Foundations Program Outline:

Appointment #1: Initial Naturopathic Consultation. This is where your baseline medical needs will be assessed and an individualized health foundation protocol will be provided integrating nutritional as well as supplement support recommendations 

Naturopathic Doctors at Longév 

Next, you will receive four, 60-minute appointments with Cassandra Hope, who is Longév’s highly knowledgeable holistic nutritionist, who integrates her knowledge of not only nutritional wellness, but also the nervous system and how to identify shifts that take away from one’s homeostasis and how to bring things back into alignment.

Holistic Nutritionist at Longév 

Cassandra’s methods are rooted in brain education and stress management by using key neuroplasticity-based techniques to practice great “brain hygiene”, as well as somatic experiencing to fully process and detox big emotions in a truly effective way. You will also receive a deeply relaxing fascial stretch experience that entails a grounding meditation, aromatherapy, and a hands on, deeply relaxing and non-invasive fascial stretch.

Your coaching will entail customized approaches in managing cyclical and stressful thoughts, overwhelm, social anxieties, and physical discomfort from being off your routine and eating foods/drinks you don’t normally consume. 

Throughout your 4 sessions with Cassandra, you will learn how to identify emotional waves before they come, how to manage and fully process them in a health-supportive way, and how to create bandwidth for your gut health when eating more pro-inflammatory foods, while ditching perfectionism and inviting in more balance. 

In this program you’ll be supported from mindset, to nutritional strategies, to nervous system health and rebalancing energy work, so you can sustain the holiday season with your mental and physical health in great form! 

Here’s a breakdown of what each of the 4 coaching sessions will look like:

Session 1: Limbic Hygiene

In this 60 minute session, Cassandra begins by addressing some of your common fears around the holidays.

Family conflict, interpersonal politics, cyclical negative thinking patterns and the fear of overindulging in food and alcohol can all severely disrupt our nervous system’s ability to effectively support digestion, detoxification, repair as well as problem solving and even your ability to access joy!

Once we identify your patterns, we will develop a custom approach for you to use when facing your fears this holiday season.

The approaches will be based on neuroscience and well researched methods to rewire the brain, and in turn, your ability to regulate your body under stress.

These teachings will be yours to carry in your toolbox forever, holidays or regular days, your stress management go-to’s will most likely involve these practices for years to come…

Session 2: Nutritional Strategies + Guidance

In this 60 minute session, our holistic nutritionist will begin by reviewing the nutritional prescription our Naturopathic Doctor(s) recommended in your initial consultation.

This will be a functional approach to nutrition, meaning what we develop and decide to implement has to actually work for you and your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all programming here, everything will be custom to your needs.

Holistic Nutrition means we aren’t counting calories or weighing food. We aren’t focusing on hyper-restrictive diets or elimination.

Rather, we will be focusing on what to include MORE of.

Possibly, it will be MORE food during the day, prior to a holiday event, so to effectively balance your blood sugar levels, helping your brain, liver and cells function better.

Maybe it will be including MORE protein, fat or fibre in on your plate when choosing your nourishment at events…

Most likely it will include key strategies to incorporate that will increase your body’s ability to process and assimilate the nutrition you choose to eat, avoiding system overwhelm and sluggishness post-partying!

Our approach to nutritional wellness puts YOU first. Not a style of eating that might not work for you emotionally, genetically or socially!

Again, the principles you learn in this session will be yours to use forever!

They can be part of your healthy tool box for decades to come and can serve as a solid jumping off point should you decide you’d like to continue your coaching with me, post-holiday season.

Session 3: Fascial Stretch Experience

At this stage in the program, we designed it to include some serious nervous system nourishment to help create bandwidth just when you need it most!

Fascial stretch has been a huge part of Cassandra’s practice for almost 10 years. It’s a non-invasive and pain-free approach to mobilizing the tissues that wrap around and connect our nervous system to our skin, organs, bones and connective tissue.

Fascia stores neurochemistry when not dispelled from our bodies properly. Most of us aren’t shown how to process our emotions, leaving the chemistry ‘stuck’ in our tissues, lending to pain, restriction and poor nutrient flow to our tissues.

Fascial stretch helps effectively move that energy out of the body, and release fascial adhesions that lend to poor organ function and nervous system health.

Cassandra has used it with athletes pre and post training so to help their nervous systems prep and recover from intense training sessions…

She’s also used it with stroke clients to help their nervous systems, and limbs, to relax and restore pain-free mobility.

Most often though she uses it as a way to effectively invite someone’s body to co-regulate in a safe and soothing manner. This proves to relax the nervous system in a way that is often difficult to achieve on one’s own.

In this session we will begin with a grounding mediation with key essential oils to help down-regulate your nervous system.

We will then begin the fascial stretch which involves you laying on a massage table (fully dressed, in comfortable clothing), and being strapped unilaterally to the bed helping me better access stretches for your lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Once we complete both sides of the body, I address your upper back, shoulders, neck and lats.

Because fascia is interconnected, the stretches I do for you will help to mobilize your whole body, from the top of your head and face, all the way down through your organs to your toes!

You will leave feeling embodied, calm, mobile and pain-free.

Expect to notice continual improvements over the next few days, and remember, you can always come back in and book additional treatments in the future as maintenance or for a little pick me up on tough days <3.

Session 4: Nutritional Check In + Recap

In this final 60 minute session we will review the last few weeks of feedback from what was implemented earlier in the program.

This will be our opportunity to fine tune approaches to eating, food choices, supplements and strategies moving forward.

Remember, this program was designed to help you create bandwidth through the holidays so your health not only stays in tact, but is also primed for any additional goals you may have for yourself in 2023…

If you feel called to continue this work with your Longév team, you’re absolutely invited to book ongoing support post-program and into the new year!

The Price of the program is $499.00

**Because of this collaborative approach between Longév’s Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Nutritionist, many of your insurance plans may cover this treatment.

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