The ultimate wellness gift guide

November 30, 2023

Block out the noise and get it straight from your most trusted wellness source.

This list was especially curated by your Naturopathic doctors!

  • The ultimate WELLNESS PASS:

Our Longév wellness pass can be loaded with as much as you would like to gift. We provide a unique ability to mix and match services which allows for the ultimate flexibility in meeting specialized health needs.

***Services that this pass gives you access to: Naturopathic Medicine, Specialized testing for Longevity and long-term health, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Registered massage therapy, Brazilian Lymphatic drainage massage, Lymphatic drainage facials, Brain heath drainage massage, Microcurrent technology natural facials, Specialized head an neck massage, Facial stretching with lymphatic drainage, Anti-aging facial acupuncture with red light therapy, health coaching, holistic nutrition, IV therapy, vitamin injections, mistletoe injections for chronic pain and longevity.

  • Our favourite natural foundation serum with skin care properties:

(anti-aging, blemish and  discoloration treatment, UV protection) Free of: chemicals, endocrine-disruptors, parabens and junk that has negative consequences on general health. 

  • The Monthly Lymphatic Drainage Gift Card:

Help your loved one build a body-loving self care routine with monthly lymphatic drainage massages: body sculpting effects, less inflammation, less swelling, boosts energy, calms the nervous system, balances hormones, boosts immune function, promotes detox.

  • The Oura Ring One of our favourite health tech devices of 2023! 

Help your health-conscious loved ones stay motivated with personalized daily health goals.

Oura tracks your heart rate, HRV, sleep, body temperature, cycles, activity levels, and training frequency to tell help you achieve health goals in a data driven manner. 

In our opinion, this is one of the most accurate tracking devices out there!

  • Fight The Winter Blues: Everyone can use a boost! 

Vit.D or Vit.B12 booster-series injections (customized to the individual’s needs)

Help your loved ones get through the winter months with better energy, better mood and astrong

immune system.

  • The Pain -Free Gift Card 

Give the gift of a pain-free life! Includes services that treat pain:  osteopathy, chiropractic and mistletoe injections. 

  • Red Light Therapy that stands out from the rest!

The Celluma light therapy device is the perfect gift for the person in your life who is looking to supercharge their anti-aging regimen. It can also be used for pain relief, hair growth and acne, so often the whole family can benefit.

  • Apollo: Calm body, clear mind. We love this concept!

The Apollo wearable transforms how you feel through your sense of touch giving you more energy, less stress, a brighter mood, deeper relaxation & better flow.
Apollo delivers soothing vibrations, called Apollo Vibes™, that are like music your body can feel — higher vibrations help improve your energy and focus, while lower vibrations reduce stress and help you relax.

  • The Beast Blender 

The Beast B10 Blender is thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered with industry-leading technology, resulting in a machine that is the ultimate in preparing nutrient-rich smoothies and infusions that make you strong inside.


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