Elapromed Treatment at Longev

April 19, 2023

Let’s talk about how Elapromed facial treatments stand out from the rest!

The quick and dirty summary of how it is different:

–   Non invasive

–   Only 30 minute procedure

–   Scientifically proven results

–   Up to 70mL of compound absorbed per treatment

–   Proprietary all-natural botanical formulas

–   Results seen after one treatment

–   Painless procedure

–   No risk of scarring as the skin is never broken

–   No downtime

For those who like the details, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read. Send us any questions you may have and if you are intrigued by this type of treatment, send us a message through our “contact” page. We’d love to meet you and help you look your best!

Let’s talk science!

The technology used in Elapromed has won a Nobel Prize for the invention and application of transdermalporation whereby short modulated pulses of a low current creates transient aqueous pores in the skin by influencing ions creating channels referred to as mesopores. These pores increase permeability of the cell membrane and allows the entry of compounds at the cellular level. While the mesopores remain open (20 seconds to up to a few minutes), the elapromed system uses a small current to drive an all-natural individually compounded preparation into the skin, with about 65% at a depth of 6cm and around 99% a depth of 1cm. For comparison, these values are 3% and 10% respectively, for iontophoresis. Delivery with aesthetic programs amount to about 99% at a depth of up to 7mm to 1cm. 

Because we are constantly shedding our top layers of skin, by delivering therapeutic compounds to the deeper levels, this allows the health of the new skin which surfaces to have improved characteristics and this helps prevent us from constantly trying to improve the health of the top layers of our skin as they appear. Topical daily treatments can always help maintain the benefits of Elapromed treatments which can be discussed at the time of your treatment series based on your response and skin types by a naturopathic doctor.

The elapromed system has scientifically proven compounds which focus on the following skin characteristics. These can be combined and mixed according to your individual skin assessment to target your specific vulnerabilities. Select from the treatments below to find out more.

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