Doula Consulting at Longév

April 25, 2024

What is it?

An opportunity to speak and be heard, to have your questions answered, to learn and be informed, to receive non judgemental unbiased support.

Who is it for?

Women who are pregnant, preparing for birth, or still in the early stages of postpartum (up to 4 months) that have questions or worries related to pregnancy, birth and/or the postpartum period. Those who are interested in one-one focused time with an experienced Doula. Those interested in further information, resources related to their needs, and/or learning to advocate for themselves through their birth and postpartum journey.

What does a consultation look like?

45 minutes with and experienced Doula for an in person or online meeting that will fully focus on your particular needs for example: demystifying any topic(s) you have on your mind and heart with regards to pregnancy, birth, postpartum in a Q&A fashion or simply sharing your birth story to decompress.

Why would I want to do this?

Your questions are going unanswered, you feel you are going down a rabbit hole on google looking for answers, you’d like reliable resources, further information and support tapping into the pregnancy/birth/postpartum community in Toronto.


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