Skin Foundation Program

June 8, 2023

If you’re overwhelmed with all the skin care information out there and feel stuck with your current skin care journey then this program is for you. Individualized assessment and testing will provide insight to what is at the root of your concern – whether it be acne, eczema, psoriasis, or aging. You will be provided with a customized protocol tailored to your lifestyle, concerns, and test results to provide your skin and body with the foundations it needs to get on track to reaching your goals. 


  • Skin support 
  • Dietary optimization
  • Hormone health
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Stress support

What to Expect

Phase 1: Discovery (75 minute initial appointment)

Let’s discover what is at the root cause of your skin concerns! Our internal health is often reflected in our skin, so I use this time to provide a thorough intake and identify which systems in your body require support and extra investigation through testing. Optimization of diet, hormones, gut health, and stress are essential to foundationally supporting your skin. You will leave this visit with a requisition to one (or more!) of these strategically picked tests: 

  1. Serum Testing – An individualized requisition will be arranged for you based on what particular systems need investigation. This testing can assess nutrient status, immune health, liver functioning, blood glucose responses, hormones, and inflammation. 
  1. DUTCH aka Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. This test allows us to more specifically assess your stress and sex hormones by showing how you metabolize them. This allows us to understand how your hormones are being produced and broken down and can direct treatment in supporting different hormone pathways . 
  1. Food Sensitivity TestingThis test provides insight to what foods are producing a high immune response within your body. We can then perform an individualized elimination diet along with gut support to reduce the inflammation in your gut, body, and skin. 
  1. Microbiome TestingThis test allows us to assess your microbiome (all of the bacteria, yeast, and fungi in your gut!). Having the proper balance of bacteria is essential to your gut and skin health. 

Phase 2: Plan Initiation (45 min follow up) 

Once your test results are in, I will provide you with an individualized plan based on what we find, your concerns, and your health history. We will work to optimize your digestion, stress, and hormones so that your skin can be given the foundation it needs to be healthy and happy. The plan will be different for everyone, but can include a variety of personalized lifestyle, dietary, botanical, and supplement recommendations. 

Phase 3: Nutrition and Lifestyle Optimization (2 30 minute one-to-one consultations with Holistic Nutritionist)

Changing your diet and lifestyle can sometimes be challenging, so we want to provide you with the support you need to successfully integrate diet and lifestyle changes into your routine! During this part of the program, you will receive individual consults with our knowledgeable holistic nutritionist. She will provide you with the support and solutions you need so you can sustainably make changes that will benefit your skin and your health!

Phase 4: Final Check In 

At this point in the program, I will complete a check in with you to see how you are feeling on the plan and to re-evaluate your gut, stress, hormones, and of course, your skin. We will identify if any changes need to be made to your current plan to further support certain systems or to enter a more sustainable maintenance phase of treatment. 

Phase 5: Maintenance 

Follow ups will be recommended on an individualized basis depending on how we can best continue your care based on the momentum you have built. 

Topical Add-Ons:

I am so excited to be offering topical options to further support your skin’s journey. As important as it is to focus on treating from within, topical treatments can speed up the healing of your skin and provide additional benefit. There are 2 add on skin treatments which can be incorporated into your plan based on your goals and preferences.

  1. Elapromed therapy – Utilizes novel transdermalporation technology to get specifically selected compounds deep into your skin. This treatment can benefit acne, rosacea, aging, and hair loss. 
  1. Cosmetic acupuncture – utilizes the insertion of tiny needles into specific points on your body and face. On your face, these needles help relax muscle, increase circulation, and promote collagen production to provide a youthful glow and reduced fine lines. Additionally, needles will be inserted into different points of your body to support the functioning of different organ systems and target the root cause of your skin concerns. You can expect to leave these appointments feeling super relaxed and grounded!


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