Adjunctive Cancer Care at Longév Clinic

June 10, 2024

Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult and stressful. The diagnosis will clearly unleash many emotions for you and your loved ones. Once the initial shock sets in, usually patients and family members look to treatment options. Lots of information will be thrown at you and it is an overwhelming time often leading to many questions and concerns. Wherever you are in your cancer journey we have ways to support you and your family.

At Longév Clinic naturopathic doctors Nadine Khoury and Kate McLaird offer adjunctive cancer care. We believe that guidance from a highly trained naturopathic doctor who can work synergistically alongside an oncology team, interpret testing reports and determine best naturopathic medical practices is a beneficial support to have before, during and after cancer surgeries and treatment. 

A naturopathic approach to cancer involves an adjunctive plan which means that this treatment is given as well as the primary and traditional treatment to help with the outcomes.  It is important to know that we integrate these therapies in an evidence based rhythm to ensure avoidance of any and all possible interactions to ensure chemotherapy and radiation treatments are as effective as possible. Our adjunctive approach is meant to support and help reduce side effects. It is synergistic and can at times enhance the effects of certain conventional treatments and can also help in prevention of re-ocurrence. It is not meant to take the place of conventional medicine. 

Our team will offer a personalized treatment plan and support as you continue on this journey. To get started you will need to have an initial consultation with either Dr Khoury or Dr McLaird. After this appointment a plan will be set and the support and treatment will begin. This may look like IV Therapy or mistletoe therapy. Mistletoe injection therapy is shown to improve the body’s strength and health while receiving chemotherapy and may improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment when applied adjectively. With IV therapy we will custom formulate your IV bag and this may also help to improve your ability to undergo chemotherapy with lesser complications. This approach has the potential to influence long-term survival rates. 

Our compassionate, supportive and healing approach aims to optimize your health, improve quality of life and enhance clinical outcomes. We want to educate and empower you as you deal with the ups and downs of your cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

What to expect for an adjunctive cancer care initial appointment:

  1. Initial adjunctive cancer care appointment with an ND to review your diagnosis and to walk through a thorough and detailed intake of your personal health status and history. This is important to allow your ND to customize a protocol that is most indicated for your cancer and integrates safely and synergistically with the treatment prescribed from your oncologist.
  1. Your ND will review any reports you already have on hand and may also  send you for additional blood testing to ensure that they have all the data points required to initiate an adjunctive cancer treatment protocol safely. 
  1. Once your blood test results have been received, we contact the patients and inform them that that will now need to book their follow up appointment to review the results with their ND and initiate an adjunctive cancer care treatment protocol (this may include supplements, mistletoe injections or IVs and/or high dose vitamin C). 
  1. Follow up appointments thereafter are organized on an as needed basis based on the personalized protocol that the patient is on and how often a touch base is required to ensure that they are doing well and experiencing the clinical outcomes that are expected with the particular protocol that they are on.

If your treatment plan incorporates high dose vitamin C therapy:

  1. A customized protocol that is most indicated for your cancer and integrates safely and synergistically with the treatment prescribed from your oncologist will be outlined. 
  1. Blood work screening for safety of administration is required prior to initiation of high dose vitamin C therapy. 
  1. Once reviewed, we will start on your protocol. 
  1. Treatments are typically two to three hours in length, where you can enjoy the comforts of Longév’s Iv lounge, bring your iPad to watch a movie, meditate or read a book with a cup of tea. We will make you feel comfortable during your treatments. 

Learn more:

To learn more about how Longév Clinic can help support you before, during or after cancer treatment please give us a call to book a complimentary exploratory call with either Dr Nadine Khoury ND or Dr. Kate McLaird ND.

Adjunctive Cancer Care

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