Why high dose vitamin C? 

At specific high doses, that can only be achieved via IV, vitamin C has been evidenced to act as a pro-oxidant against mutated cancerous cells and causes them to die off.  At times when the body is taxed by disease, Vitamin C may be really low and can also be deficient. We use Intravenous Vitamin […]

Mistletoe Treatment

As part of Longév Clinic’s adjunctive cancer care treatment plan, we offer mistletoe therapy. You can probably think of a time you saw a mistletoe plant hanging from the ceiling at Christmas and wondered who was going to get stuck kissing someone beneath it. Well, times have changed and this marvelous herbal plant is now […]

Adjunctive Cancer Care at Longév Clinic

Being diagnosed with cancer is difficult and stressful. The diagnosis will clearly unleash many emotions for you and your loved ones. Once the initial shock sets in, usually patients and family members look to treatment options. Lots of information will be thrown at you and it is an overwhelming time often leading to many questions […]