Post-op Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage treatment post-op is a specialized therapeutic approach designed to aid in recovery by stimulating the lymphatic system. Therapists undergo specific training that includes post-operative techniques focused on safety and preventing fibrosis. Additionally, they receive specialized education in lymphatic drainage for cancer treatment and recovery, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the body’s […]

Apple Breakfast Bars

These tasty bars have a high amount of fibre, which helps to keep the bowel moving. The polyphenols in apples regulate blood sugar levels, which are key in the prevention of cravings, overeating and even type 2 diabetes. Afternoon crashes will be a thing of the past! Be sure to enjoy lots of liquid along […]

The ultimate wellness gift guide

Block out the noise and get it straight from your most trusted wellness source. This list was especially curated by your Naturopathic doctors! Our Longév wellness pass can be loaded with as much as you would like to gift. We provide a unique ability to mix and match services which allows for the ultimate flexibility in meeting […]

Holiday Instant Pot Recipe

Pomegranate Chicken with a dash of festive magic in every bite

Moving Through Labour – Unleashing your body’s ability to give birth

An In-Person Workshop: Moving through Labour: Unleashing your Body’s Ability to Give Birth. A specially curated workshop by Cathy Clark, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Cathy is filling a gap in your pregnancy support and hosting a workshop to empower you and your partner with not only what to expect through the […]

Imagine Your Body as a City: The Lymphatic System, Your Personal Cleanup Crew

Okay, let’s break this down! Your body is like a bustling city, with different systems working together to keep everything running smoothly. Now, meet your lymphatic system – it’s your personal cleanup crew, and boy, is it important for your health! The Lymphatic System: A Network of Streets and Drains Think of your lymphatic system […]